Wednesday, August 4, 2010


UPCOMING PERFORMANCES MANY OF MY PERFORMANCES ARE AT SCHOOLS,OR OTHER PRIVATE EVENTS, THAT I CAN'T INVITE THE PUBLIC TO. WHAT IS LISTED BELOW ARE SOME OPEN PERFORMANCES ANYONE CAN COME TO. AUGUST 2012: 8/1/12: Summit Library, NJ 3PM 8/30/12: Crown Heights Library, Brooklyn, NY 3:30PM SEPTEMBER 2012: Monroe Township Library, NJ 7PM FEBRUARY 2013: 2/23/13: Hempstead Library, NY 2PM APRIL 2013: Hoboken Library, NJ 2PM SO, WHERE'S JULIE, WHEN SHE'S NOT TELLING STORIES...WELL, SHE MIGHT BE Performing for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care hospital program bringing clowning and joy to hospitalized children, their families, and hospital staff. OR SHE MIGHT BE travelling to Haiti for Clowns Without Borders bringing physical comedy, clown, and circus skills to children and families in need. OR SHE MIGHT BE...teaching yoga at Devotion Yoga in Hoboken, NJ, OR SHE MIGHT BE walking stilts, clowning or dancing at all manner of special events. OR SHE MIGHT BE..drinking Diet Peach Snapple, her favorite beverage!!!

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