Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Notes from the Field: Questions Part Two

I can barely believe it, but my time in storytelling in Argentina will be up in four days. As I stated in my last post, one of the parts thst I have come to cherish most is the question and answer section at the end of the performances. I have ALWAYS loved the frankness, openess, and down right funniest of the questions of children. They dare to ask the things that we all want to, but don't because we have on our "social filters". But during these times I encourage them to ask me ANYTHING - except about math, because I suck at that - but ANYTHING. And, they have. Some of my favorites have been about my hair - here in Argentina, NO woman has hair shorter than their shoulders, so my, "barely there hair" is a bit of a shock. Today, in the cutest, most polite way, a group of kids asked to touch it> "So soft!" they said, as the teachers looked on in horror!! But, why not - many AFrican Americans havent' touched hair that has not been chemically treated, so why should these children have any idea what my curls feel like?? Queries have ranged from: Do you like all the stories you tell? Where do you find them? Do you write your own? to What famous person do you know? Have you tried dulce de leche? But my favorite questions came the other day, from a trio of teen age boys, who, from the surface looked like they were not engaged AT ALL!! They were sitting in a triangle, the tallest of the three looking - to my eyes, the least engaged of all. But then - came question time. "Julie," he said, "Are American politians as strange as they seem?" I was shocked!! They then went on to name political figures, and comedians: Chris Rock, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert - knowing both the subject matter, and the art of parody, better than most adults I know, much less any teen age kid I tell stories for. They asked my opinions - I gave them - but I won't here, about politics, celebrity, culture in American. And, after we HAD to stop ( I was alread 20 minutes over)they walked away discussing politics IN ENGLISH!! One of the young men said he wanted to be a comeidan ala Chris Rock, the other wanted to be a politician, the other a community leader - I hope, I pray, I wish - that they all do. What a smart, funny world we have to look forward to, if they do. SORRY IT'S BEEN SO LONG TO POST - MY COMPUTER IS A BIT WACKY - SO I AM USING SOMEONE ELSE'S SO MUCH TO DAY - THERE WILL BE MORE!!!!! THANKS FOR READING!!!

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